How Cranio-Sacral Process can help
relieve your Migraines

“You can’t imagine the relief to no longer have migraines.” 
Andrea M

There are a number of different kinds of migraines my clients have come in with:  cluster headaches, sinus headaches, migraines that last for days and migraines so bad they have to stay in bed in a dark room till it lifts. What I’ve noticed while listening to these client’s bodies is that the surrounding membrane system (Meneges or Dura Matter) is also very tight.

As you can see in this image, the membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal cord, folds inwards along the top of the brain making a strong verticle tissue layer. Inside this layer are two major sinus passages that drain blood from the brain, the saggital and inferior saggital sinus. When these are badly restricted and migraines can be the result.

If you notice in the full body image, this membrane system goes all the way down the the bottom of the spinal cord where it attaches to the sacrum. What I’ve found is that by releasing restrictions throughout a clients Craniosacral system, literally from the cranium (head) to their sacrum (tailbone) the restrictions that they experience in their head lesson considerably.

Lastly, part of the work I do with clients is help them find ways to keep their craniosacral system open and spacious so they can reduce their symptoms with self-care.