What Reiki and Craniosacral Process can do for you. 

These gentle bodywork forms are deeply related:

  • Reiki is a renowned energetic healing method from Japan which eliminates tension patterns and blockages throughout your body.  This modality is anecdotally known for it's "hand's off" ability to heal. However, it is actually up to the client if they would prefer contact or not.

  • Cranosacral Process is a subtle approach I've developed within the Reiki tradition which helps reduce tensions within the spine and cranium.  My extensive training in Biodynamic and Upledger style Craniosacral work informs my sessions whenever applicable. Both approaches within the Reiki tradition are non-invasive, with the idea that reducing our deepest held tensions requires the most subtle touch.

  • By dissipating tensions within your body, you can let go of painful symptoms. Once these tensions are reduced, you can then learn how to decrease the chances of recreating them.