"I recommend CranioSacral Therapy to my clients experiencing TMJ-d.  It's a great, alternative method to addressing jaw dysfunction."  

Dr Dara Kessler. 
DMD The integrative Dental Practice

After my fourth session, my jaw floated in a way I haven't felt in a very long time.  This work is very surprising to me.   Reducing the severity of my panic spells has  turned out to be a very important part of reducing my jaw tension. 


Thre weeks ago I couldn't even open my mouth two fingers.  Now I can eat almost anythig.


For back pain

After my first session at Craniosacral East I slept for 10 hours...and the shooting back pains I'd had were completely gone.”
Leonard Bakalchuk, MD

I notice I'm much more relxed aftere a sesion which was't my intent. I had no idea my sress and back pain were related.


For Migraines

I came into see Josh one session with a horrible migraine and an aching jaw.  I left the session migraine free and slept like a baby for 10 hrs.  My jaw grinding also disappeared--I hope forever." 

Jeanne B. 

“I came in for CranioSacral Therapy experiencing blinding migraines weekly, leaving me lying in dark rooms as the only relief. After the 4th session I haven't had a single migraine and have been a lot less tired. I don't think I need to say anymore....." 

Robert B

“You can’t imagine the relief to no longer have migraines.” – 

Andrea M

For infants

"Joshua has helped many of the breastfeeding families with whom I work, specifically around problams associated with birth and oral motor skills."

Leigh Anne O'Connor, IBCLC. Lactation Consultant

My colicky baby is happier more and for longer.

Stephanie parent of 3 week old

Pregnancy Support

"At 7 weeks pregnant, a pain developed deep within my pelvis. I went to my Doctor and Physical Therapist who both said I had “Pelvic Girdle Pain,” and nothing could be done. The whole thing was very upsetting…as I am a pre and post natal personal trainer. Craniosacral Therapy helped release the painful spasms I was experiencing. My tailbone felt like it settled where it should be—and I felt much better.”

Emily Begin - owner of Begin Fitness Inc.


Mary Ellen Clark, Olympic winner in 1982, won also in 1996 in women's platform diving after treatment with CranioSacral Therapy. She was suffering from severe vertigo. She tried many different traditional and complementary medical treatments simultaneously. Nothing helped. 


CranioSacral Therapy was the last resort she tried to get back to her career. After receiving a series of CST treatments, she went back on training and won a bronze medal in the 1996 Olympic Games.  (This and the next recommendation by Dr. Andrew Weil are not to Craniosacral-East in particular but to the modality in general.)

            Andrew Weil. MD

            Andrew Weil. MD

"Cranio Therapy... may benefit asthma, reoccurring ear infection in children, sleep disorders, and other conditions rooted in nervous system imbalances. I have found it to be safe and highly effective."

Dr. Andrew Weil

For toddler support

"I brought my six-month-old daughter to Joshua after she started banging her head and developed regular teeth-grinding. He'd explained to me that head-banging is often a way a child expresses a need to release membranes within their skull. After one session, Rio's head-banging and teeth-grinding has been drastically reduced."

Rio's Mother

For Cerebral Palsy

"I'll never forget the Craniosacral Session when Joshua released a nerve going down my right arm into my hand--and for the entire week afterwards my two hands felt the same. For me, this experience opened huge possibilities: I was born with Cerebral Palsy and my whole life have had significant spacticity in my right arm and leg. Craniosacral Process has helped me reduce the effects of having CP in so many ways. I recommend it without hesitation.” 

Warren G.

For Chairi Malormation

I'm feelig better and my husbannd has noticed it, too.


For Bell's Palsy

After one session my eye twitch was gone.


For Autism

At first, Eric (Four years old and autistic) ran around, repeating noises and short words, spending only seconds close enough for me to work with him….his skull was taught like a basketball. Over two months the interior membranes of his skull softened, he could spend more and more time being worked on, his attention was calmer, and his sentences were longer and clearer. It was a great honor helping him communicate and be more comfortable in his own body.

Joshua Horwitz, BCSP

Benefits of CranioSacral Process

By gently clearing restrictions in your CranioSacral system, your brain and spinal cord are open to the rhythmic flow of cerebral spinal fluid so your whole body can find an optimal state of balance. 

  • Boostings your general sense of well being
  • Offering release from chronic pains
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving the quality of your sleep
  • Increasing your ability to stay focused
  • Enhancing the functioning of your body's organs. 
  • Allows blocked emotions to flow through you more easily, instead of manifesting in your body as physical symptoms such as migraines, back pain, TMJ, digestive system disorders, etc.